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Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal


Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal

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Посвещается новаму ПЧ СЕРАФИМЕ.....

Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal
Которая мирно прибывает в стадии любви ДЖОНА.... ненадолго

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у нас тут гдето была ссхемка того как народ подседает на Барроумена и как оно развивается. щас вспомнью

1) Торчвуд!
2) ммм, капитан Джек...
3) википедия -Барроумен
4) Барроумен гей!!!!!!!
5) Джон и Скотт такая милая пара!!!!!!!
6) ютуб видео Скотт Гилл/Джон Барроумен

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и тока по тому что она пишет фики,

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И Скотт такой....
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Midnight Man 1x01

Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal
Ну это не самых худшый фильм который я смотрела, Слава богу за Руперта!

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This is just so good and sad and..... no words....

Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal

Mystrade;Prompt:Everyone is born with the name of their soulmate on their hand.

The name of Mycroft’s soul mate, which he is born with written on his hand just as everyone else is, is Greg. It isn’t the most common of names in the world, but it’s nowhere near obscure, so Mycroft doesn’t make much of an effort to find the boy, as he knows he is destined to meet with his Greg someday.

Eighteen years old, Mycroft sits in the kitchen to do schoolwork as well as to get away from his irritating younger brother. The television is on, just above muted and for nothing but background noise. Though, the voice of the newscaster easily catches Mycroft’s attention when she announces, “Gregory Lestrade, seventeen, was hit by a train this morning…”

Mycroft figured that this boy probably isn’t his Greg, he can’t be, but he finds himself interested nevertheless and turns the volume up.

The newscaster tells about Gregory Lestrade’s school and social life. His family is interviewed. They call him Greg, as opposed to Gregory, but Mycroft tries to see nothing of it.

A picture of the boy is displayed, and Mycroft decides that, if Greg Lestrade was his soul mate, he certainly wouldn’t mind it. He’s absolutely lovely, and Mycroft admits to himself that he may be a bit attracted to the boy. But this can’t be his Greg, his soul mate; he’s never met someone with a dead soul mate- that’s just not how it works.

There’s a clip of the family, again, and this time the mother is saying to the camera, “Greg never met his soul mate, but if you’re out there, we’d love to meet you. Mycroft, is the name. Please, Mycroft, would you find us?”

The pencil Mycroft holds shakes in his hand and he releases it, letting it roll off the table and fall to the tile floor with an audible crack as it snaps in half. “God, no, NO,” he mutters to himself because there’s no one around to hear him, and he brueis his face in his hands.

Mycroft realizes then that he can’t look at his hands, can’t think about them. The right one, the one with the silver lettering, seems to sting and tingle and Mycroft just wants to be done with it, damnit, wants to just chop it right off with one of those meat cleavers that he knows are in the kitchen drawer.

That would be much more of an inconvenience than it’s worth, he can see, so instead, in a fit of rage and tears and despair, he takes a knife from that drawer and stands by the counter as, with both hands shaking violently, he makes a slice horizontally across his right palm with his left hand, nerves lighting up, catching fire as the skin splits and blood begins to flow. He makes a vertical split next, then two diagonal to make an eight-sided asterisk that takes up his whole palm.

It hurts like the devil, it’s messier than Mycroft would care for, and Mummy is absolutely horrified when Mycroft shows her and asks her to drive him to the hospital, but it’s all worth it when his hand is stitched up, and around the starfish scar, there is no more silver lettering but specks of gray that look nothing like a name, nothing like a word at all.

As he grows older, Mycroft takes to carrying an umbrella everywhere he goes, just to have something to hold in his hand, to keep people from seeing and, therefore, asking.


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Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal

Rupert Graves by Nicole Burdette BOMB 61/Fall 1997, FILM

Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal

Whether he’s sucking on hard candy, contemplating suicide, or limping slightly in boots two sizes too big, Rupert Graves is ever graceful. At once a mixture of the violent and the poetic, Graves’ film characters are compared to the kings of the tortured handsome, Montgomery Clift and John Keats. It’s an odd and wonderful thing to spend the afternoon with a stranger speaking of the near obscurity and perfection of Robert Donat, Che Guevara’s hands, and what exactly it is to be brave.

Graves is a prime example of the coda “action is character.” He, like all great actors, is highly physical. We can see his characters—literally we recognize them. In Intimate Relations, Rupert as Harold Guppy clings to Julie Walters, feeding himself sugar cubes like a child. In Mrs. Dalloway, his Septimus Warren Smith stumbles through life; again, literally and emotionally. It is all the way Rupert Graves turns his characters inside out, so what you see is what you get. He manages to become Virginia Woolf’s subconscious—he materializes the description of his character, Septimus: ”...with hazel eyes which had that look of apprehension in them which makes complete strangers apprehensive too.”

Graves has five films coming out this fall: Mrs. Dalloway with Vanessa Redgrave, Different For Girls, The Revenge Comedies with Kristen Scott Thomas and Helena Bonham Carter, Bent, and Intimate Relations with Julie Walters, for which Graves was awarded the Best Actor Award at the 1996 Montreal Film Festival. But that is just this year, his other credits include extensive work on British television and other films: Louis Malle’s Damage, Nick Hytner’s The Madness Of King George; and Merchant Ivory’s Maurice and A Room With A View. In addition to his film work, Graves has consistently worked on the London stage, where he is returning this fall to do Hurly Burly.

читать дальше

Это интервю промсто нереальное. Как и сам Руперт в нем. Все что он говарит. как он говарит. это такой сплошной итилектуальный пиздец. Стока всего пережитого у него. Но дипресняк виден, да.....

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Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal
Lestrade and Mycroft have been in and out of each others lives. Misunderstandings and class issues keep them apart, but they always seem to find their way back.

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And so it begins.....

Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal
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и попросила значит я написать мне идею где Лестрейд молодая шлюха дорогой эскорт для политиков, и Майкрофт в виду своей профессии с ним пересекается....

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Я начинаю отчетливо понимать что в збранном у меня вообще нет Руперта Грейвза!

Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal
И это както так уныло, его же дохрена в Тамблере и в ЖЖ, а тут вообще....
Новостьпрошла даже както мимо нас!

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Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal

Andrew, I think, you have to go.

«эндрю стал капризным. «месяцы без скотта» и он стал слишком часто звонить руперту, а у руперта семья. и эндрю был для него просто трах, да и то потому, что с самого начала показался порядочным тихим мальчиком, с которым не будет проблем. сейчас они в отеле. эндрю, он ведет себя отвязно, громко болтает, смеется, закидывая голову, просто устраивает представление из себя «смотри, какой я охрененный, да?!». руперт тот человек, который может поморщиться от шума, но его трудно вывести из себя, эмоции не его девижн, ему не нужен театр, ему нужно чтобы кто-то потерся об его член, вот и все, он очень простой человек. но лол, да, руперт сначала переспит с эндрю в номере, причем нормально так, и трах, и минет, и массажик старой больной спинки поимеет. а потом эндрю опять полезет за своими экстази, руперт ожидал этого, не первый раз же. и устроит ему сцену «хватит, эндрю. хватит. я не буду больше принимать эту дрянь, и тебе не советую. почему бы тебе не взяьться за ум и подумать о будущем, а? кем ты будешь через пару лет? давай, если я могу чем-нибудь помочь…» и смотрит на эндрю такими глазами *все, давай закончим наши отношения, мы не подошли друг другу* эндрю долго молчит. и вот, руперт, на картинках с тамблера, уже нервничат - «окей, мальчик, тебе пора. точнее, мне пора домой, а значит и тебе пора». »

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Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal
Смотрим "Скотт и Бейли" с Рупертом:


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Для меня, чужое, просто понравилось....

Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal
Here I'm mostly Mystrade, with spurts of Dr. Who, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, monkeys, and possibly OOO SHINY!

Did I mention Rupert Graves? I should. One should always mention Rupert Graves. "When in doubt, mention Rupert Graves," that's my motto. Well it is now.
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Problems I have with some Mystrade shippers:



They try to canonize the pairing.

Yes. I’m a Mystrade shipper as well. I understand having your OTP canonized is a huge step for a fan. Once again, people fail to see the difference between canon and our musings.

Lestrade is married, canonically. He checked out Molly, canonically. Mycroft has admitted to not caring about anyone but his brother, canonically.

As of Hounds, we can definitely say Lestrade is divorced. He very obviously no longer wears his wedding ring (TANLINE).

Mycroft spoke the words that caring is not an advantage. He never said he didn’t care for anyone, he just said it’s not an advantage. And mostly to reassure Sherlock, in my opinion.

Do we know that Lestrade is not completely straight? Nope, so therefore, fanon.

Do we know anything about Mycroft’s sexuality, or lack of thereof? Nope, fanon again.

Oops, but in Scandal, we have the infamous exchange between Sherlock and John,

JOHN: “Seriously, why are we here, Sherlock? Are we here to see the Queen?”

SHERLOCK: [sees Mycroft enter] “Apparently, yes.”

I keep having to wonder whether or not people are even aware of the double entendre here, because it’s an obvious allusion to Mycroft’s sexuality.

Do we know, for certain, that they met before Hounds? No, it’s fanon.

Is Mycroft obsessive over who deals with his younger brother? Yes he is.

Someone (John) will be moving in with Sherlock; he checks him out.
He is in direct, personal contact with Lestrade in Hounds, even if it is over the phone. From the situation and the dialogue, we may make the close “reading” that this has happened before.
Leading back to: Lestrade begins working with Sherlock. From the drugs bust in ASiP, we may conclude Lestrade knows of his drug history. How? He was there to see the vestiges of it. Would Mycroft not keep a close eye on Sherlock during that period? Yes, he damn well would. In fact, he’d be on to anyone like a hawk, in order to keep away any further bad influences as much as possible. So he would, most definitely, have checked out Lestrade.

Yes, that’s theory, but theory based on fact and logic. Even if Lestrade and Mycroft’s meeting is completely unromantic, it was already speculated upon before Hounds confirmed they know each other.

So, just. Would I like this pairing to appear on the show? Yes, absolutely, because it’s my primary ship in this fandom. But I realize that hasn’t happened, and much as it pains my, possibly won’t. I have millions of head-canons, and stories, and theories, but none of them appear officially. Let’s get our facts right, yes?

Mark Gatiss thinks Rupert Graves is dishy. This is another fact.

And see the above for some more, irrefutable, facts, mentioned or shown in episodes.

And really, you want to listen to Macpye. “I don’t just do everything your…brother tells me.” If this were the first phonecall from Mycroft telling Greg to tack Sherlock down, then Greg would have said so. And he wouldn’t be so limply defensive about it. He would have said, “Oi, I’m doing this as a one-time favour, you.”

But I’ll loop this back to your opening shot: “They try to canonize the pairing.” Mark Gatiss, dear man, actually said “Everything’s canon!” And he and Moffat have been running through the Sherlockian candy store, grabbing things off the shelves and shoving them into the show willy-nilly. They will grab from speculation - “We’re not a couple!” “If anyone still cares, I’m not gay!” - and bat it around like a kitten with its first ball of yarn.

And even more directly: Yes. I do try to canonize the pairing, by doing exactly what Moftiss do: I write fan fiction, with the intent of publishing it for real, professionally someday. I work on scripts in order to get them ready to submit to agents. Moffat speculated in the early ’90s, in fandom, about what the Doctor’s name was. Right out there on Usenet with the rest of us plebs. Moffat is now writing fan fiction for the BBC, that gets filmed.

If you want to quash speculation… no. You don’t. You really, really don’t. If you don’t really believe it, keep reading until you find something you do believe in. If you want to argue Mystrade with me, I would dearly love it, in fact. Go ahead. It’s called fact-checking and proofreading and editing. I actively love it when people go through my stuff and pull out bits that don’t make sense, or don’t follow what was in S2. Because this is the canon I’m trying to tie into, and it needs to fit absolutely in order to work. So bring it on. But I’ll come right back at you with explanations and counter-theories.

The game, Mrs Hudson, IS AWESOME.

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Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal
Руперту Грейвзу надо всерьез подумать над тем чтобы перестать сниматся в фильмах которые проезжают по всем моим кинкам!

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Кстати, Марина.... *wink wink*

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Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal
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Да,да и я туда же)
И это не комп))

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а мы тут сидели с Мариной и никого не трогали!

Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal

Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal

Not even sorry, you guys!
Not even sorry!

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Итак, мой кампютар шипер!

Nothing about Scott Gill's life is most likely normal
Он кдает мне кадры вообще внезависимости от название или местонахождения картинки в папке. ЧЕ ЭТО ЗА ХЕРНЯ?????

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